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Divisional Coordination

The Administrative Division is essential to the operations of Public Works. This division provides leadership for the Department and coordinates all processes. 

 Additionally, we maintain a service request program that is available online for our customers to use rather than calling and we also use that program to track all requests that are received through the front desk, as well as the after-hours calls that are handled each day. 

All purchases throughout the department are paid through this division. We assist in the ordering of supplies as well. Budget corrections and /or concerns are handled through us, and we develop the budget package for the department annually. 

 All facilities maintenance and/or repair is coordinated through this division as well as City Day preparation, team building events, and retirements.  Administration has IT personal on staff who coordinates all of our IT needs, to include software, hardware, and webpage coordination.   

Customer Service

A multitude of various calls come through the Public Works switchboard from residents, tourists and other City departments, which include emergency and non-emergency calls that are dispatched to various crews, i.e. Water, Sewer, Traffic, Storm water, Engineering or Streets. The majority of calls are water leaks, a need for the water to be turned off or on, sewer backing up, or a storm drain clogged, etc. and these are just a few of the calls that we get throughout the day

Meter Installation Scheduling

 The scheduling of meter installations for the Water Division is coordinated through Administration. Once the tap fees are paid, the applicant will contact Administration to get on the schedule for installation.

Fema Management & Reporting

The processing of all paperwork associated with storm events, i.e. hurricanes, winter weather, is handled by Administration and we are involved in contact/auditing with FEMA/SCEMA.

Emergency Operations

 In the event of a Hurricane, winter storm, etc., we man the command post at Public Works before, during and after the storm, and are coordinating the efforts in clearing the roadways, etc. even when the Governor has issued an evacuation notice. It is our task to ensure our crews are safe and informed and the information is being provided to the Emergency Operation Center to allow for safe re-entry of our citizens and tourists alike, as well as restore our community to normal.

Gis Mapping

GIS individuals support the entire City’s spatial needs including the Police and the Fire Department. We use top-notch software products provided by the Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI) and deliver high quality products. Our Geographic Information System edits, updates and manages primary layers such as Parcels, Streets (911 data), Sewer, Water and Drainage utilities, Zoning and many more. Our staff, being accurate and well versed in data collection techniques, help the GIS team to provide correct information to its customers. 

The GIS team caters to the needs of different departments within the city and makes good use of the Spatial Knowledge to provide enhanced analysis and elaborate reports. Using GIS helps in better decision making by solving problems and identifying patterns and relationships in the field and how things have changed in the past and how to make the future better. 

Our online services help you locate your house and the utilities around you. Contractors use our free online services to look for new opportunity zones, what zone their property falls under, analyze and download data, find out about current CIP projects. 

Parcel Viewer: 

This application will give you the details you need to know about a parcel protecting the private information of the individuals owning the parcels. We update our data on a weekly basis to keep the information current. 

Solid Waste: 

Here you can find out what day your trash/recycling gets picked up and it also reflects the changes in days in case of special events. 

Zoning and Annexation: 

This provides you accurate information about what is the zoning code for your property. The annexation layer tells you when a property was acquired by the City of Myrtle Beach and how the city has grown in the past. 

IT Analyst

Supports all division users hardware and software requirements, including Servers, network connectivity, VoIP phones, smartphones, mobile devices, printers, copiers, scanners, Tablets, Laptops, monitors, email, proprietary software and devices. Advises in purchases of technology both hardware and software as well as web-based solutions etc.

Service Request

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