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Engineering Services

Engineering services and construction observations

to ensure that infrastructure and property improvements comply with all Codes, Policies, and Regulations through the design, review, and inspection of development to make the City a safe and sustainable community for all residents, visitors, and businesses to prosper and enjoy.

Primary Function

to establish a working relationship, provide customer service and guidance to developers, consultants, and contractors regarding development and redevelopment of properties located within the City’s water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection system, roadway, and drainage infrastructure service areas.

Utility information

to provide standard requirements, development plan review for regulatory compliance, and on-site field observations and inspection of construction activities occurring within our community.

Division Services All Areas

we provide City utility location services of public water and sewer systems associated with the Palmetto Utility Protection Services (PUPS), also better known as South Carolina 811.  It is imperative for property owners and contractors to call in utility locates before any digging activity for the safety of the worker(s) and protect underground infrastructure from damage.

Division Manager

Reviews commercial and residential site development plans for compliance with City Codes, Policies, Standards and other applicable State and Federal requirements for water service, sewer service, storm water, solid waste and other site improvements. Calculates applicable water and sewer fees for residential and commercial new development, re-development and unit unfits.   

Construction Inspection

Performs on-site inspections of commercial and residential site development for compliance with City Codes, Policies, Standards and other applicable State and Federal requirements for water service, sewer service, storm water, solid waste and other site improvements as shown on the site development plans approved by the City Plan Review. 

Right Of Ways Technician

Reviews project close-out documents for infrastructure to be dedicated to the City for ownership and maintenance. 

Reviews project close-out documents such as utility easements for water, sewer and drainage and property deeds for 

right-of-ways to be dedicated to the City for ownership. 

Prepares legal documents as required for 

City Council for the acceptance of right-of-ways dedicated to the City for ownership. Maintains City utility easement, property deed and 

survey files. Calculates the City Storm water Utility Fee in coordination with the City Utility Billing Office.

Traffic Coordination

Coordinates traffic signal installations and other traffic control devices such as signs and pavement marking for compliance with City Policies and Standards and MUTCD requirements within the City Limits. Assist with inquires and installation of street lights on public roadways. Assist the Police Department with traffic pattern modifications during special events in the City.   

Utility Locating and Marking

Identifies, marks and delineates City water and sewer infrastructure for contractors and residents prior to anyone digging 

to ensure that the utilities are not damaged during construction of projects. 

This is coordinated through the Palmetto Utilities Protection Services (PUPS) program, also known as SC811 – Call Before You Dig.


The Engineering Division reviews public and private development projects and is responsible for construction inspections of water, sewer, street, drainage, stormwater and solid waste improvements.  The division also oversees mapping and graphics preparation and calculates water and sewer tap and impact fees.

For service assistance, dial 843-918-2076 or 843-918-2027.

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