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Capital Improvement has an unparalleled arrangement of capital project components, project management and funding sources.  With innovations, transparency and a high level of respect for the citizens and staff of the City of Myrtle Beach. The division strives to develop & implement exceptional cost efficient engineering & construction of projects for the City. This Department leads a high level of C.I.P planning and coordination programs across the organization through Civil and Architectural Design, Plan Review & Construction Oversight with extensive Contract and Grant Administrative oversight and management.

The Capital Planning Office develops and implements an unparalleled arrangement of Capital Improvement Projects and manages them to their completion.  Overseeing all Capital Improvement components project managers and funding sources with innovations, transparency and a high level of respect for the citizens and staff of the City of Myrtle Beach.

Mission Statement & Justification

Mission Statement: We serve both internal and external City clients to design, bid and build capital projects on time and within budget.

Justification: On average, there are seventy-nine (79) projects programmed within the CIP and approved for funding within an active budget year.  The number of projects are often within some phase of design, bidding, and/or construction at any given time.  In any given budget year, there are a number of CIP project requests made by Departments that are reviewed, approved, and programmed into the CIP.

CIP: Infrastructure Division Manager: (Projects Manager):

As head of the CIP: Infrastructure Division the Projects Manager is to plan organize, coordinate, and direct the day-to-day operations.  CIP provides professional engineering, project management and contract administration services.

Project Field Coordinator:

Contracts and Grant Administrator:

Oversees Contract and Grant documentation and specification development for the CIP: Infrastructure. Manages local, State or Federal funding sources or grants.

CIP: Infrastructure Project Phases:
Design Phase:

Construction Phase:

Project Close Out:

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