Public Works
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General Questions

I have no water, what do I do?

Looking to install a new water meter or irrigation meter, what do I do?

I have paid my tap fees for my new meter, now what do I do?

I just moved here and I would like to have my trashcan and recycling bin delivered to my home, how do I do that?

What day of the week does my trash get picked up?

 There is a street light out on my street who do I call?

Any Backflow Questions?

I need a temporary fire hydrant meter who do I call?

I need to obtain a Street Obstruction Permit to block off one or more lanes of a road in the city, who do I call?

I need help locating a water and/or wastewater tap who can I call?

Service Request

If you are in need of the City of Myrtle Beach Public Works Services, please click below link.
Fill Out A Service Request

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