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Mosquito Control

Spray Technician

The spray technician is responsible controlling the mosquito population throughout the City.  Through control measures such as, adulticiding, laviciding, and public education, the technician can reduce the risk of mosquito borne diseases. 

In 2018, the city began mosquito trapping. By trapping, we are able to determine a range of mosquito species, populations, and habitat variability.

Mosquito Spray Route

Bee Keeper Registration


Exceptions for spraying within the No Spray Zone of the registered beehive:

1. A high mosquito trap count has been observed

2. Complaint in the area for nuisance mosquitoes

3. The beehive location is a source of mosquito breeding

If spraying is to take place with the No Spray zone, the following procedures will apply to both the City and the beekeeper.

1. Beekeeper will be contacted by phone 24 hours prior to spraying.

2. Spraying will occur as late as possible, in effort to give time for the bees to return to the hive.

3. The beekeeper will cover their hive with wet burlap for at least 3 hours after spraying has concluded.

4. Spraying will be conducted in accordance with the pesticide label.

For more information on how to protect Honeybees from pesticides: honeybees.pdf

For more general information on Honeybees:

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