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Street Services

The Street Division is responsible for maintaining city streets, sidewalks, stormwater drainage and beach pipes, as well as mosquito control. The division also supports other areas of the city in construction activities and capital improvement projects.

Division Breakdown


Superintendent: Eric Norris           Street Supervisor: Harry Bodine

Asphalt maintenance Crew

The Asphalt Crew is responsible for patching and repairing asphalt on all City owned streets.  Operators are evaluating the streets on daily basis and making repairs to ensure motorist have a safe and smooth ride. Data collected from the crew’s evaluation is used to prioritize operating funds for paving City Streets.

Concrete Maintenance Crew

The Concrete maintenance crew is responsible for mitigating concrete trip hazards on all City owned sidewalks.  The crew mitigates trip hazards by grinding or replacing concrete panels.  Crew members are proactively evaluating the Cities sidewalk system to ensure safe walking conditions for both residents and visitors.  Data collected from the crew’s evaluation is used to prioritize CIP funds allocated for trip hazard mitigation by outside contractors.


Superintendent: Eric Norris           Stormwater Program Supervisor: Samantha Taylor

Stormwater Program

Myrtle Beach takes Stormwater management seriously. As in all cities, Stormwater is a major source of pollution and the city makes a great effort in reducing runoff and improving water quality. The MS4 permit dictates the stormwater division and requires public education and outreach, public participation and involvement, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, construction site runoff control, post construction runoff control, as well as pollution prevention and good housekeeping.

Within the Stormwater division, there are various crews that each play an integral part in maintaining city infrastructure. The crews consist of an Open Channel Maintenance Crew, a Spray Technician, the Pipe Maintenance Crew, and the Street Sweeping Crew.

Open Channel Maintenance Crew

The open channel maintenance crew keeps the cities drainage system functioning by periodically removing sediment and vegetation from swales, ditches, and canals.  By mowing and excavating the debris, the crew ensures open channels have maximum capacity, reducing the possibility of flooding during storm events.

Spray Technician

The spray technician is responsible controlling the mosquito population throughout the City.  Through control measures such as, adulticiding, larviciding, and public education, the technician can reduce the risk of mosquito Bourne diseases. In 2018, the city began mosquito trapping. By trapping, we are able to determine a range of mosquito species, populations, and habitat variability.

Pipe Maintenance Crew

The pipe maintenance crew keeps the cities drainage system functioning by periodically repairing and cleaning City owned storm drainage pipes.  Older storm drainage pipe can fail at joints causing sinkholes, and restricting the flow of water.  The pipe maintenance crew reduces the risk for flooding by repairing these joints or replacing the pipe.  Debris accumulated in storm drainage pipe over time can also reduce the pipes capacity, the pipe maintenance crew inspects the cities storm drainage pipes and removes these debris to prevent them from entering waterways and the ocean.

Street Sweeping Crew

Street sweepers are essential in reducing pollution run-off from streets. They fall under Pollution Prevention and good housekeeping practices in the MS4 Permit. The street sweeping crew operates street sweepers to remove trash and debris from City streets.  Streets with Curb and Gutter are swept at least every two weeks.  Removing this debris enhances the appearance of our City and is a cost-effective technique to maintain our stormwater network by removing debris and pollutants before it reaches the stormwater system.

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